News: Brought to You by the US State Department

I found this interview in the middle section of a 3-part BBC series called Iran and the West. Though the subject is a 1998 interview between Christiane Amanpour and Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, the brief segment captures the essence of US news:

Christiane Amanpour: We got final word, CNN, that this [interview with president Khatami] was going to happen. I was on my first holiday with my very serious boyfriend, who happened to be a State Department official.

US State Department Spokesman James Rubin: Her due diligence was to find out what the US government was waiting to hear from the Iranians, and she had the US government right beside her. So she did what any journalist would do.

Christiane Amanpour: I went into “what shall I ask him” mode.

James Rubin: And I did what was supposed to do, which was identify for her the things the US government cared about.

Obviously there are countless more people exactly like Amanpour doing the same thing for any line that needs to be pushed. But it’s nice on the rare occasions when they just come out and say it.

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  1. “we both agreed we would [further] corrupt each other’s lives. it’s been the basis of our romance ever since.” a wild and passionate romance no doubt, because they both so quickly & naturally settled the issue that each would screw the other over to further their career. “Her due diligence was to xyz…..So she did what any journalist would do.”

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