“We Had More Freedom Then”

The following are interviews with two Yugoslav artists, Goroslav Keller and Bata Knežević, discussing what it was like to work as a graphic designer during socialism. The videos were part of the “Design for a New World” exhibition at the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade, Serbia.

Yugo Keller 1

Yugo Keller 2

Yugo Keller 3

Yugo Keller 12

Yugo Keller 4

Yugo Keller 5

Yugo Keller 6

Yugo Keller 7

Yugo Keller 8

Yugo Keller 9

Yugo Keller 10Yugo Keller 11

Yugo Knezevic 1

Yugo Knezevic 2

Yugo Knezevic 3

Yugo Knezevic title care

Yugo Knezevic 4

Yugo Knezevic 5

Yugo Knezevic 6

Yugo Knezevic 7

Yugo Knezevic 8

Yugo Knezevic 9

Yugo Knezevic 10

Yugo Knezevic 11

Yugo Knezevic 12

Yugo Knezevic 13

Yugo Knezevic 14

Yugo Knezevic 15

Yugo Knezevic 16

But let’s give the last word to a Hollywood director:

George Lucas USSR


3 thoughts on ““We Had More Freedom Then”

  1. note Lucas’ cowardly backtracking. in any case, despite on-going colossal efforts to outdo that disaster, it’s hard to believe, and almost nobody in the US knows, that the greatest social catastrophe in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union was the reintroduction of capitalism to Russia.

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